Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Rebirth

Dear Reader,

Perhaps you wonder why I've written nothing in almost three months. The answer, simply, is because I embarked on a focused program of recreation. Not in the sense that we today define the word: having fun, but rather the true meaning: to create again. I set myself goals, to read through the entire Bible in 90 days, to maintain a focused and purposeful habit of daily prayer, and generally to remove as many distractions from my life as I could, in order that God would be able to speak to me and to work in me in ways that would have been impossible if I had not silenced the distractions as much as I could.

I am here to tell you that He has moved powerfully, and in profoundly unexpected ways! He has truly recreated me, into a person that I would have doubted I could become several months ago. He has proven Himself faithful to me time and time again, and He has given me a vision of what He can do, through me, to build His kingdom.

One of the avenues of this building work is this blog. While the original purpose of this blog (reflections on Morning and Evening by Spurgeon) was a sound one, and a beneficial one, God has shown me that this tool, the Internet, can be, and should be used for so much more than that! Indeed, what would the world be like if Spurgeon had been able to use the Internet? Somehow, I suspect he would not have been content with writing a few lines every couple of weeks.

This, then, is my recreated intent: To fill this blog with a wealth of God. Not merely restricted to one book, or even to books at all, but rather to allow the depth and breadth of Christianity to come through as much as possible. There is so much out there, in print, in the spoken word, even in other regions of the Internet, that it has become imperative for me to seek this out. And, through seeking, to do what little I can to facilitate others. Whether that is through a network of other blogs, or through continuing in the same vein as I started, by reflection on good books, my intent is not so much to change the purpose of this blog, as it is to expand and enlarge its focus.

So, dear reader, tell your friends. As God has worked powerfully in my personal life, it is my earnest prayer that He will work powerfully through this blog...that He will be clearly visible between the lines of my life, and the lives of all those who come in contact with this humble little blog.

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