Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Dear Reader,

Let me recommend to you some things which God has used recently to impact my life. The first is the book Alone With God by John MacArthur. It's an older title, but profoundly relevant to today's environment when the church is rapidly succumbing to the world, rather than being a beacon to the world. The book itself is about prayer, and the ways in which we have lost the ability, in our current culture, to truly connect with God one-on-one. The larger picture, however, is this: As the church is made up of people, when those people lose their ability to connect with God, and so impact the culture, the church, as a whole, loses that ability. In that sense, this is a crucially important book, not just for the individual Christian, but for the community of faith as a whole.

Secondly, (and thirdly) let me recommend to your attention two of the blogs in my subscription list (they're all good, but I want to highlight these two for now). The Rebelution, as many of you know, is Alex and Brett Harris's blog. The younger brothers of I Kissed Dating Goodbye author Josh Harris, these two have an incredible ministry to teens and young adults that expanded almost overnight from a simple blog, like this one, to a book, conference tour, and Internet-wide network of fellow teens. What they have to say is, quite simply, not being said by hardly anybody else.

The other blog I would recommend is Voddie Baucham's blog. Attached to that blog is also a link to his biography, which will give you much more insight into his life and work, but for an uncompromising look at some of the ways in which the church and the biblical worldview as a whole is rapidly being surrendered to the temptations of our modern society, check his blog out.

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